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(PART 2/2 – Begin the journey here.)

At the end of the day, isn’t that what all boys want?

A cure: something to wipe their wombs, bandage their gashes, and nurse them back to health; and something that can everlastingly quench their desire to be free from their torment. A cure is what all boys want — it is also what humanity needs.

Too many times have wars been fought, innocent lives slaughtered, families displaced, corporate greed fostered, and inhuman acts inspired — all by a wounded boy crying for his cure. He is a savage because he is in so — much — pain.

And so he acts to relieve his pain, but all this “acting” leaves him with deeper gashes. He soon gains a sadistic pleasure for self-punishment, self-pity, and self-loath — because he believes that this is the only way to be momentarily relieved of his pain. The boy doesn’t need more drugs, violence, money, gaming, gambling, or sex.

He needs love.

He needs a human’s touch.

He needs to believe again — that humanity is maybe alright. That humanity may be that cure that he so badly wanted. That maybe… After all his pain, suffering, and sorrow — the cure was right in front of him all along. He was just in too much agony to see it.

The cure that he so craves; he already possesses. He just needed to look deep down inside. Deeper than he has ever gone before, and ever deeper than that. He needs to take a good look at himself — imperfections and all — and truly fall in love for the first time. All of his past love affairs was an expression of his own insecurities. He was never in love before. He can not love the world before first loving himself. He needs to see that he is worthy, that he is valued, and that he IS love. Because maybe then, he would also realize that he doesn’t need to cry anymore. Because crying is for boys. And a man of LOVE becomes… well… just that… A MAN.

And so, the story of the wounded boy ends. The boy dies, and in its place, a man is born.

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