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Course 1

Design Your Life Optimization Playbook

Do you ever experience brain fog, insomnia, poor memory, uncontrollable emotions, stomach bloating, lost libido, or a lack of motivation? Do you ever feel a need to forever play catch-up while all of your friends are getting ahead in life? This course is design to help you reach your optimal state - so that you can rock it in all categories of your life.


12-16 weeks - 3 hours per week
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Course 2

Becoming a Hero

Feel lost and unmotivated? Do you have an unclear vision of where you want to be and how to get their? Ever feel like you've wasted parts of you life going nowhere? This course will help you graph our your life trajectory through the hero's journey. Get uncomfortable, transcend your potential, expend your consciousness, and conquer your inner demons.


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Course 3

Optimized Skill Aquisition

This course will teach you the secret to becoming a Renaissance Man - a Polymath who can reach advance competency in many sets of skills. Imagine being a skilled carpenter, business man, salsa dancer, Spanish speaker, and trained psychologist - all obtained simultaneously after a couple of years dedication to the art of learning.


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Course 4

Consciousness Engineering

We have lived our lives subscribed to bullshit rules that keeps us from achieving our dreams. Most of society is held back back crowd-think and status-quo thinking defined by man of the past. Redefine your own life rules and transcend the limitations that hold you back.


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Course 5

All you need to know about selling

The art of selling is the key that enables you to accomplish anything you want in this world. However, we often overthink the process or over-analyze the situation. Learn how to effectively communicate, motivate, and persuade others. Learn the formula to irresistible charisma and how it can be achieve by anyone - manifested through their own unique personalities.


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Course 6

All you need to know about presentating

The fear of presentation is the biggest phobia today. People fear public speaking more than they fear dying, falling from a plane, or getting hit by a car. Learn to hack your brain to desensitize from your fears and learn specific tactics so that you can deliver a unforgettable speech!


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I Am Jimmy Chan

With 11 years of experience as an “experiential educator”, I helped hundreds of students achieve their fullest potential. I’ve started a tutoring company at age 16 – employing 12 student tutors, built a school course at the Schulich School of Business at age 20, and continue to guest lecture classes for students at Schulich School of Business and Lassonde School of Engineering. In an ambiguous and constantly changing world, it is my mission to help the modern man become whole.  I do this by providing appropriate paradigms, frameworks, and habit-sets to direct you towards a life worth living.

Why My Courses

Grow your knowledge and elevate your existence


110% REFUND Guarantee

Did I not meet your expectation? I will give you $100 along with a FULL REFUND if you are not happy with your learning experience with me after 1-month of working together.


Trusted Knowledge

After having started multiple businesses, acquiring mentorship from rockstar entrepreneurs, reading 70+ books a year, and a lifetime dedicated to experiential learning, Jimmy has acquired an arsenal of lifehacks to share with you.

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Anytime, Anywhere

All courses are conducted online and taught by Jimmy Chan. We will schedule a time that is mutually convenient weekly to go over course content and progress.

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