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Jimmy Chan is the CEO of Odyssey3D, an alumni from the Schulich School of Business, and Entrepreneur Fellow at the Bergeron Entrepreneurship in Science and Technology Lab at the Lassonde School of Engineering. Over the past decade, Jimmy has received a full-time scholarship to attend Canada’s leading global business school, developed and piloted a school course in his program, guest lectured several “entrepreneur” centred university classes, and developed workshops for various community initiatives.  He is a frequently sought after speaker in topic areas ranging from Entrepreneurship, The Art of Innovation, Masculinity, Lifestyle Optimization, and Success in your 20s.

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Speaking Topics

The art of avoiding competition and thinking outside of the box.  A retelling of how I exploited loopholes to spend half my days in University by backpacking other countries, and other opportunities.

A recount of my past failures as an entrepreneur and lessons learnt along the way to build up my skillets to who I am today

Exploring key concepts that I used to hack the university application process to guarantee a massive financial payout.  Concepts include: The art of leveraging, failed simulation, and avoiding competition.

Why modern day masculinity is flawed and why I, as a boy interested to become a man, found a solution.  This talk will connect Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey to becoming a mature Tribal Chief – an archetypal man.

Recount my journey leaving university to pioneer a for-credit field course to farm coffee with ex-civil war combatants and experience interviewing past presidents in Guatemala.

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