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The Cure

At the end of the day, isn’t that what all boys want? A cure. Something to wipe their wombs, bandage their gashes, and nurse them back to health…

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Purging Evil

Once upon a time, there was half a boy curious to know what it meant to be whole. He felt wrong – as if a fundamental part of him was missing…

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To the Lost Boy

The idea of being “hunters and gatherers” only half exist in today’s world. Your masculinity can no longer be expressed by physically stalking, capturing, and killing your prey. There is no more wood to chop, no tribe to protect…

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On Eating Well

Talking about diet, the Blue Zone is what got me started with the 95% plant-based diet, and I was determined for a change. I knew for sure that if we went from the meat-lover diet to 95% plant-base…

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How to Read 50+ Books a Year

This year, I set my goal to read 15 books. I hit the goal after March and ended up with 52 books in total as of the last Sunday of the year 2019. Here’s the story behind it.

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