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Jimmy is the CEO and Co-Founder of Oly Sport: an NFT eSport horse racing metaverse gamefi project.

For Jimmy, COVID-19 unmasked the separation, corruption, and fear that lies embedded in the state of humanity.  Oly Sport is designed to unite humanity under a common thread in order to work together to solve the challenges that lie ahead. With Oly Sport’s Metaverse, Jimmy plans to unify the global financial and real estate markets within a metaverse where gamers can “race-to-earn” for a living, without ever having to get another job.

Prior to starting Oly Sport, Jimmy left his former company, Odyssey3D, in order to find his “legacy venture”; one that would make the most positive impact for humanity. Over the span of his 6 years leadership, his former venture grew to be the top 1% globally within the virtual reality real estate marketing space.Odyssey3D, as the name would suggest, was founded on the premise of a “hero’s journey”. It was Jimmy’s own roadmap to conquer external obstacles as well as his inner demons – while simultaneously helping him grow into the responsible business leader that he is today. Now having moved on, Jimmy aims to take the lessons learnt and the character that he’s become to truly “make a dent in the universe”.

While in university, Jimmy was originally known for “hacking university applications” by receiving 14 merit-based scholarships valued at $74,000 to study at Canada’s most elite business school: The Schulich School of Business.

Being a proponent of experiential education while in school, Jimmy coordinated with faculty, admin, and students to develop a for-credit field course to explore the supply chain of coffee while backpacking Guatemala.  He pioneered this course with 6 of his classmates and then pursued a 16 month expedition descending Latin America.  During this journey, Jimmy had an opportunity to learn Spanish, interview the past Guatemalan president about Coffee Politics, help launch ASUS Computers in Chile, and summit Huayna Potosi: a 6,088M mountain in the Bolivian Andes.

Outside of work, Jimmy is an avid bookworm who enjoys exploring topics on lifestyle optimization, ancient philosophies, business strategies, biographies, history; and, recently, diving deep into the spiritual sciences of alchemy, Kabbalah, and Rudolf Seiner’s work on Biodynamic Farming and Waldolf Education. Beyond being a “closet introvert”, Jimmy is also an advanced salsa dancer, bicycle tourer, barefoot trail-running junkie, avid traveller, and African drum enthusiast.  Above all, he is a student of life.  He dedicates his next 10 years to explore the “hero’s journey” in order to access his mature masculinity and opening the doorway towards his inner potentials.

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